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End of year prints: Done

End of year work booklet: Done

Business Cards to give away at final show: Sent to print

Presentation Digital file: Done

Remake Observer prints to print: Done (sitll need to print)

Portfolio: N/A

PDF Portfolio: Done

Sort out the blog into two sections: Done

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Over the last week a few of us from the Foundation course have been creating a booklet of the courses work to give away/show at the final show.

Here are a preview of the individual photographs of the designers and a sample of the front cover. i will post some more info and the other pages after we send it off to get printed, Adam has also asked me if i would be interested in creating something to advertise for the course next year and will learn some more about that soon.

End of year prints:

End of year work booklet: (70% done)

Business Cards to give away at final show:

Presentation Digital file: Done

Remake Observer prints to print: Done (sitll need to print)


PDF Portfolio: Done

Sort out the blog into two sections:

Get things ready for Assessments:

Presentation essay:

For awhile now me and Chris Palmer have been thinking of starting up our own business, we started thinking about it while we were both in the same college course and it has slowly developed as we have gone through university, since we have both decided to do the extra year on top of the Foundation degree.

Since we have both had a hard time getting people to get back in touch with us for work experience we decided to start up the business now so we can get some experience in setting it up and we also plan to get office space in the building next door to the university for the next year and have a proper go at it, see if it works as it is alot safer to start this up with the safety net of the university than without. We have both been working together for virtualyl all of the projects this year and it has been a largely good experience, both of us prefer doing different things but also have alot in common aswell design wise, running a business together might be a completely different experience so we are glad to be able to get a year ‘Danger free’ to make sure it can work between us.

We have just recently started to think about a good name, in the past we have not been able to generate a good enough name that makes us want to be named it, the first ones we ever thought of was “project orange”, “Reflex designs” “design made easy” (the first two being when we were in college and just brainstorming the idea), we just didnt feel any of the names were good enough for us, so this time we really wanted to spend some time getting our name and branding right.

Befor discovering this website i rarly thought about packaging design and its appilications but this blog really does showcase the best of the best, and thoughout the last year as inve been looking at the designs i have become really interested in them.

I will post some examples of the kind of work i like from there in future posts.

Posted on: April 21, 2009

A Great source for logo/website inspiration, you have to pay to gey out work voted on by other creatives on this website so most of the time only good work is submitted, its great to sit back and see all of the diffrent styles of the artists and brandings alike. They also have a section of buisness cards which is just as beautiful.

I tend to visit this website when i am in a style rut, like i cant seem to make something diffrent and accidently keep designing the same thing over and over (if you get what i mean, using the same colors, the same fontage ect.)


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